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  • Change Picture on IP565g

    I have a few of the IP565g's and users who are asking to change the picture on the phone to something else. For some reason, I cannot find out how to do this, the instructions are probably hidden in plain sight :_rolleyes:
    Also I just want to confirm the screen size is 320 x 240.
    Thanks for any help!

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    The instructions are in the admin guide under the section 'Customizing Color LCD Displays with Wallpaper'. It is fairly straightforward to do although the instructions in the admin guide make it harder than it needed to be. If you have trouble I can give you the steps I took to add it to individual phones. Yes the size is 320x240.


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      If you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it. I've followed the instructions and still am having troubles to get the picture to load or I can just keep fixing it until it breaks


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        You know I figured it out. Thanks for your response! I need a built-in spell checker :blush: