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  • Analog Lines and DTMF

    I have a medical client that will dial a phone number for transcription recordings. The transcription service is an automated system that the doctors dial into and enter their user id and then start recording. The problem is the automated system is not picking up the dialed digits when entereing the user id.

    The Shoretel system is using 5 analog lines that have been broke off a PRI. They are using a Shoregear 90 and IP 230 phones.

    We have tested calling the transcription service by using a butt set from the block that the lines are terminated on and it works fine.

    I have changed the TX Gain via editing the Shoretel database (there is a technote on the Shoretel web site) and this has not worked.

    I called Shoretel and they had me adjust the sev_custom.txt and add:
    DtmfLevels = -1

    I rebooted a phone to get the setting and it still does not work.

    I am at a loss at this point. If anyone can lend some assistance it would be greatly appreciated.