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  • Several Install Questions

    Sorry this is very bloated and needy, any help is appreciated.

    Ok, so we have a main Headquarters site, and I've been installing a 2nd remote site. At the main site, we have about 5 or 6 switches and a Shoreware Director server. We use a T1 / PRI for our trunk at that site. But this site works fine, I need some help on the new remote site installation.

    At the remote site, we have (2) 60/12 switches and (1) 40/8 switch. We also have one DVM server. All phones and switches are live and configured on the LAN. Phones are pulling ftp and ntp settings from our DHCP server at that site. I have installed the DVM server and voicemails for phones in that office are being store on that server. I can 3-digit dial across our WAN (a Cisco router based VPN) with the phones at the remote site.

    When I push the directory button on any of the phones, it tells me the server is not available. Phones are displaying extension, time and names correctly. The directory button is the only thing not working.

    It's time to install the analog trunk lines from the phone company over to the system. I purchased a 110 block (it has (2) RJ21X/Amphenol connectors) and also purchased (2) RJ21X cables. I have the cables hooked into the 110 block and each to a 60/12 Shoregear switch. I'm ready to punch down and jump the wires from the DMARK over to our 110 block.

    1) Can I hook 8 analog lines up to the 8 available ports for the 60/12?
    2) I can't seem to get the punchdown/pinout right. Is there a chart somewhere?
    3) After these are punched down correctly, will I add these in Shoreware Director under as Analog Loop Start trunk?

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    You can also purchase Cat3 voice grade patch panels for around 60 bucks that have the plugin on the back. Saves a lot of punching and messing around.


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      about Problem#1 .. restart the ShoreServer. We had a similar situation when trying to change the mode in phones. It worked fine after the restart.


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        Dude, I know you're trying to help, but these threads you are responding to are pretty old. Like this one is 1.5 years old!


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          LOL nice....