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  • Boss wants to send me to TC-101.

    Hello, New here...
    My boss wants to send me to TC-101. My company is a Shoretel dealer. I have almost no PBX experience other than I know what one is. How hard is this going to be?
    I know what a station is, I know what a trunk/PRI is, and I'm pretty good at figuring things out.
    I am Cisco CCENT certified with CCNA next week so I may as well be CCNA. (I think I'm prepared) I am also Network+, Security+, and A+ certified.
    What is this class like? Fast paced? Is the hands on part of the exam group oriented?


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    Cake.... You won't have any issues.


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      I just returned from the TC-101 class. We are a new Shoretel Dealer and I have about 12 years in the telephone business as well as a pretty good grounding in Server 2003 and network configuration. I have been to a lot of training classes for telephone systems, and this is one of the best yet. The material is very well organized and moves at a good pace, so you dont get bored. You will not have any trouble with the material and the class is small enough so that you can ask questions and interact freely.

      I would advise you to spend some time looking around in Shoreware Director if you have access to it just to get familiar with the layout. Look at the main Shoretel website and get to know the different switches and phones. Also, read a couple of the user guides on the phones. Anything you can do to familiarize yourself with the system in general will help you feel more comfortable in the class.

      There is no test given during the class. You have 30 days (i think) to take the test online after you complete the course. It is 100 questions, with a three hour time limit. Takes an 80 to pass. The instructor gave good insight on how to best approach the test. I scored a 94 on the first round and didn't crack a book.

      Good Luck!


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        I installed my first system before taking htis class (it was ours), and I was/am a network engineer. I was in the same boat, didn't know crap about PBX's. Honestly, other than Shoretel, I still don't (althought I have a great understanding of hte concepts!).

        It's easier to teach a Network person phone stuff then to teach a phone person networking stuff IMHO.



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          Great, thanks for the replies. I feel a little bit better about it.


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            Same exp. as everyone else here pretty much. I got my CCNA about a year ago and started doing the network side of Shoretel installs while watching certified installers do thier thing. After a few months of that I was sent to the 101 class, I passed the test with an 89 on wednesday before the class was even finished.

            Instructors know thier stuff. If you want proof that Shoretel works I can only tell you that the system is extremely intuitive. I have changed the entire IP addressing of my shoretel network (45+ sites, 120+ switches, 4 servers) in 7 hours all by myself. No hiccups, no problems.

            I would suggest something that was suggested to me as a network guy coming into telephones, Telecom Dictionary... get one.


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              Hi Chris, welcome to the ShoreTel world!!

              I also come from a networking background with moderate experience in Avaya's dinosaur Definity PBX. I attended the TC-101 course in February of 2008. At that time, I hadn't even touched a ShoreTel system. Not only that, but I had never even heard of ShoreTel until about two months prior. I passed with an 88.

              As visionvoice suggested, try to familiarize yourself with the ShoreWare Director layout if possible before taking the class. If not and if you can get approval, I'd suggest taking the online System Administrator Training (TC-112) within a week or two prior to the TC-101 course. It's online, lasts four hours, and costs about $500 or so.

              I took the TC-101 course in Sunnyvale. Tim Cairo was my instructor. I highly recommend attending a course he teaches. You'll receive two books.....a student guide and a lab guide. You bounce between the class room and the lab throughout the whole day during the first four days. On the fifth day, you take a 100 question, multiple choice/true false, open book exam. You're allotted three hours to take the exam (9:00 am until 12:00 pm) on the computer. Once you reach the end, you're immediately given your score. If your score less than 70 and time remains, you can go back to review and change your answers. The key thing is to initially not spend too much time on one question. If you don't get it at first, write down what page the question is on and move on. Once you get to the end, you can go back to look the answer up in your book. Throughout the week, the instructor was really good about flagging what topics were going to be on the test.

              I plan on taking the TC-104 class hopefully by Spring. Give us a shout if you have anymore questions about this class. Best of luck to you.



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                Originally posted by Charles View Post
                It's easier to teach a Network person phone stuff then to teach a phone person networking stuff IMHO.


                And I think my ShoreTel instructor said that they are seeing a huge trend towards more students having network background over students coming from the telecom world.

                Now that may be that telecom folks don't need the training but I prefer to believe that many companies are asking their network folks to handle the phones.

                I think you'll be fine - it's a very fun class, lots of hands-on. Try to find a test system to play with before you go just to get familiar with the lay of the land.



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                  Originally posted by Charles View Post

                  It's easier to teach a Network person phone stuff then to teach a phone person networking stuff IMHO.
                  Interesting comment. I've been in the telecom business for over forty years. No formal networking training... just a phone guy. Following the TC-101 class my ShoreTel instructor took me on the side and told me, "I knew you wouldn't have any trouble passing. Most telephone people find this stuff easy." :_smile:


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                    101 Class

                    You don't need to know anything about PBX - in class you learn how to integrate shoretel with it.


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                      Tim Cairo is no longer teaching. He was my instructor. Todd Hanske is teaching alot of classes now. Hes pretty thorough as well.