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  • 1300 and 1800 number routing

    How does one make the system route 1300 and 1800 numbers out via a specific trunk. Currently all these number are be by default routed out our GSM gateway (last trunk created), which kind of defeats there purpose as freecall numbers. I would like these numbers to be routed out through our ISDN trunks. We are running 8.1 with a 2N Bri GSM Gateway.
    Thankyou in advance

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    I've seen that one as well. Seems to be an error in the site dial plan regarding the way 13XXXX, 1300..., & 1800 number are dealt with. They are just dialled straight out and not converted to canonical format (+61 1300... is canonical format).

    The problem is in the trunk dial plan that even when you untick "Local", these calls are still permitted. That's because the trunk dial plan filters think these numbers will be in canonical format.

    The fix is to log onto Director in Support Mode (search the forum for instructions) and then go to the SIP trunk group that the 2N is connected to. At the bottom you will see two new buttons un the Dialing rules section. Click on the custom button and paste the following into the box:


    This will fail (F) calls that start with 13 or 1800 on that trunk group.


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      Thanks worked perfectly

      All good thanks heaps