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  • Losing the HQ Server

    Hello all,

    Hope everyone's staying busy during the holiday season.

    I wanted to run something by you all. If there is a multi-site ShoreTel and the HQ server goes down, I know the other sites with DVM's will function with mailboxes and AA but will the users at HQ switch over to one of the DVM's for voicemail and AA?

    I know if a DVM goes down, the users go back to HQ but can't really find anything to support it works the other way around and, I don't think it would.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Currently, ShoreTel works in a tree mode going upwards to the HQ server. The HQ server, unfortunately at this time, does not go down to a DVM. That's one of the reasons the Doubletake solution exists. I hear changes are a'blowing in the wind (near future), but don't have any firm info on that as yet. Hopefully Charles or JohnL might know more about the future changes.


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      It is a tree model, and curretnly you can only go up 1 level, but can not go donw. There are a few workarounds, such as Double-take for full redundancy, or adding a DVM to your HQ site for VM redundancy, but not much outside of that yet.

      As far as what the future holds? Shoretel knows its weaknesses, and is addressing them.



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        Expect to see some deeper integration with redundancy solutions on the market. Long term (2-5 years), I'd bet you'll see Shoretel fully distribute functionality across SG switches and eliminate the need for a Windows server.


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          Adding a DVM to the HQ site works well as a backup for the AA/vmail.