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  • Shoretel to Cisco SIP trunk one way audio

    Where are having a buggy issue with our SIP trunks between Cisco Callmanager and Shoretel. We can make/receive phone calls perfectly and have no audio issues. The problems occurs when a user on a shoretel phone puts the Cisco user on hold, and then tries to pick the call back up, the Cisco user can not hear the shoretel user, but the Shoretel user can still hear the Cisco caller. We've checked all the settings on both CallManager and Shoretel Director and can't seem to figure out what the issue might be. Any assistance would be great!

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    Is the Shoretel behind an Ingate? I know that there are only two ShoreTel supported ways to do SIP trunks either with an Ingate device or through

    Th only way to nail down SIP problems is to get an Ethereal trace. Could you get a trace? I think it is safe to guess that their is a problem with the media routing (RTP stream) switching from routing handset to handset, then handset to director (playing on-hold music) and then back to handset to handset again.

    Post a trace - or if you resolve it - post the solution.

    Neil D


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      When the installation techs initially setup the SIP trunks they did it directly from the Shoreware director software. We do not have an ingate or go through


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        SIP Trunk

        Can you please send me the configuration on the shoretel side how to configure SIP trunk to Cisco.