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  • Need assistance choosing equipment

    Hi, I'll try to keep this short. I'm new to setting up IP phone systems.
    I have an existing T1 with 1 RJ45 connection to an Inter-Tel analog PBX running 40 phones and 2 oprerator stations. I want to replace the antiquated Inter-Tel with Shoretel. The T1 that is inplace is a 1-24 channel CAS TG 2048 with ESF/B8ZS Frame and E&M Wink signal. The DNIS is 4 digit. There are 10 800 numbers which overflow to a single POTs number. There are 12 Local Access Analog Lines that are used for fax - I would like to put these on the T1 and set up a fax server, but to start off with: What is the correct switch, considering a future need for more phones? Shoregear 120, or Shoregear 90, or Shoregear 90BRI, or Shoregear 60? Do I need a Shoregear T1? Also, Do I need to get POI network switches to power the phones? Any and all input would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mark. [email protected]

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    It depends on the number of internal analog lines you need. A 220T1a might do the trick. However if you need more lines a t1 and a 120 I think would be the way to go. I use a multi tech fax finder and it works for me most of the time. Just make sure to setup a person to get all of the faxes that donít do trough or are sent to the wrong did. We are very happy with our shoretel system and our partner.