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  • MS SQL Server on ShoreTel box

    Has anyone seen a ShoreTel install run successfully on a MS SQL server? I have a client who doesn't believe they should operate a supported environment... If anyone has seen this config, can you comment on any problems that came up?

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    I have run with a SQL Server 2005 Express install on a Shoretel voicemail server. Shoretel was installed first.


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      I think he means using MS SQL instead of MySQL.

      No, I have not.


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        ms sql

        do yourself a favor.

        tell the client to use mysql or to go find another vendor.

        if you use MS SQL (even if you get it to work), I think shoretel would blame every future problem on MS SQL and refuse to help you.


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          Originally posted by cburgy View Post
          I think he means using MS SQL instead of MySQL.
          Ah yes, thanks, I had missed that.

          Will this work: Most definitely not. For this to work, you would have to port all of Shoretel's stored procedures to MSSQL and even then, differences in SQL dialect of statements hard-coded into Shoretel will cause failures.


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            Thanks for your replies, I should have worded the question more clearly. We are not trying to use MS SQL for the ShoreTel config DB, that will stay as it is with MySQL.

            The problem is that this client wants to dual role the box to *also* be a DB server for the business running MS SQL. My advice is not to do this but incase they insist I am hoping for some anecdotal reports on how hard my life will become.



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              Well, the worst thing I can give is this: If something pegs the Shoretel server CPU at 100%, your workgroups will stop working. Shoretel's workgroup reports would do this for one of our clients. I would imagine therefore that MSSQL could cause the same issue under heavy load.


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                ShoreTel is supposed to be a stand alone server. It is their phone system, not their computer. I promise you that even if it did not cause a problem (though I think it will cause you many headaches) any time any ShoreTel support looked at it, they would not work on it as it is an unsupported, and never to be supported configuration. I would recommend getting your customer to not be cheap.