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  • Cisco Switch setup

    I was trying to get some information for one of my customers network techs as to the proper setup of their Cisco switches.
    1. How should the ports be configured that are going to the shoretel switches
    2. How should the ports be configured that are going the the phones
    3. what ports should be opened on the firewall for remote access
    4. can someone also tell me how much bandwidth is typically used in a citrix enviroment where the citrix server is at a remote site and the PCM is loaded on that server.
    thanks for any help at all on these questions?

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    I am not an expert on Cisco switches, but I have several successful ShoreTel implementations which have had a Cisco network infrastructure. On these I delegated the configuration of the network back to the customer or hired a guy for a couple of days to do the work on my behalf.

    There are a couple of technotes on the ShoreTel knowlegebase that I tend to bundle off to the customer or the the Cisco guy. This normally seems to do the trick and when I turn up with armfuls of ShoreTel kit and plug it all in it all turns out OK.

    Search for "Best Practice" on the ShoreTel knowlegebase and there are about 3 technotes which are quite handy, one on VLANs, one on WANs and one on Network Security.

    Please forgive me if my grasp of Cisco terminology is incorrect, I do Procurve and Extreme so I have included their terminology as well. Colors indicate who's terminology I am referring to.

    1. How should the ports be configured that are going to the shoretel switches

    First of all the ports to which you connect the ShoreGear switches need to be100Mb Full Duplex - Cisco doesn't seem to negotiate this automatically very well. However, I have noticed that when I do this with an Extreme switch, it is best to leave them on Auto.
    Vlans should be configured as "Native" or "Untagged" ports in the voice vlan.

    2. How should the ports be configured that are going the the phones

    Assuming you are going to connect the PC to the back of the phone: These ports should be configured as "Native" ports or "Untagged" in the data vlan and need to be "trunked" or "Access" ports or "Tagged" ports in the voice vlan.

    On tagging vlans and things, make sure your DHCP server is connected to a port that only contains the VLAN appropriate to the DHCP server. If you manage to put another vlan on the same port, your phones will fail to get IP addresses.


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      Thanks for your help I am just a Phone guy this networking is a little new to me. Just started course for the ccna which should help in the future but right now I am a little behind.


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        What Cisco switch are you using? I'm a CCNA but we use Adtrans for all of our POE. However we have some 2600 routers that I have implemented QOS . I have also found that COS on the adtran switches helps alot.

        Let me know what you are running and I may be able to help. Also need to know the version of the IOS you are running.


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          Siwtch Config

          We are using Cisco 3560 POE switches. We have inline the phone and PC and would recommend not doing trunks as we discovered an issue with voicemail playback. Each time a phone/pc was restarted it caused and ARP/MAC Address stable broadcast and the voicemail stream would cause the phone to go out of service or reboot. Below is a sample of the config for a phone and pc inline (sharing the same port). Vlan 16 is the data network and vlan 5 is the voice. We have Cisco 4510's as our core and this 3560 as a distribution

          interface FastEthernet0/4
          switchport access vlan 16
          switchport voice vlan 5
          no mdix auto
          spanning-tree portfast

          For a Shoretel Switch itself
          interface FastEthernet0/5
          switchport access vlan 5
          no mdix auto
          spanning-tree portfast
          speed 100
          duplex full


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            Here is a thread that might be helpful: