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  • PCM error when user is assigned to DVM

    We are using ShoreTel 7.5 Build 12.15.3601.0

    I have recently configured one of our remote branch file/print servers (W2003) as a Distributed Voice Mail (DVM) server. That all seemed to go very well and the server shows properly in Quick Look with all services running. I have assigned the switches in that branch to be managed by the DVM with no errors and calls are being handled properly. All ShoreTel users at that branch had their "Mailbox on Server" set to "Headquarters" before we configured the DVM.

    However, when I change the "Mailbox on Server" for a user, to point to that DVM, the PCM for that user shows an error message that says "The configuration server is unavailable". That user then loses the information at the bottom of the PCM except for the extension number, which displays a message that says "Your external assignment status is currently unknown" when you hover over it. The PCM also loses all Directory information, and no longer pops up when a call is received. If the user is in a workgroup, the PCM loses it's knowledge of that fact, and the user can't use PCM to log into or out of the workgroup. Also, the PCM loses the voice mail options, and the name on the PCM title bar will change from (for example) "ShoreTel Workgroup Supervisor Call Manager" to "Shoretel Call Manager"

    All telephone functions are working normally
    Calls can still be received and if you manually bring up the PCM, the call information displays. Calls can be initiated manually from the PCM, and if the PCM is on screen, calls can be answered, sent to voice mail, and transferred.

    Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

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    Are the remote users phones assigned to a switch off the DVS? I know that in a DVS and Main server scenario that if you restart PCM when the main server is down, you will not be able to authenticate and all PCM features will revert to “personal” Call Manager (since there is no way to verify that a user is a Workgroup Agent, Supervisor or Operator to enable those features)
    • Users at the remote site will no longer be able to monitor users at the HQ site. They will only be able to monitor users at their site (via phone or PCM, as long as they do not restart PCM)
    • Users at the remote site who have their voice mail box assigned to the DVS will be the only ones that can check their voice mail, utilize Find Me & use Office Anywhere. Note: If you are already in Office Anywhere mode, it will continue to work.
    However, you will not be able to get into or out of Office Anywhere mode while the HQ server is down.


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      Remote user phones are assigned to the the DVS in their branch.

      Can't reboot server until later today.

      I don't know if this helps, butif I try to do a CSIS Ping to the remote server from the master, it always asks for authentication.