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  • X-Lite

    Anyone use the X-lite sip softphone. Try it out, its easy to setup and it has its place. Oh the best thing is its free.

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    Do you have any notes on how to make it work with Shoretel 7.5 ?


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      No I don't, we are on version 8. I don't think 7.5 has the sip features to compliment sip devices. I know you can setup sip trunks, but no sip devices.


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        Is it possible to update from version 6 to 8 or even 7?


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          Originally posted by mspicer View Post
          Is it possible to update from version 6 to 8 or even 7?
          You can upgrade from 6 to 8 no issues.

          X-Lite is a pretty good Softphone, IMO one of the best. The pro version is even better.

          Setting up the Client / Device in 8 is pretty straight forward, Simply set up the Client in Director with the appropriate credentials and place those in the X-Lite Profile.


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            If you really want to try X-Lite on 7.5, try setting it up as a SIP trunk and using tandem trunking. We did this with a Linksys device on 7. I can;t tell you how off the top of my head though.