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  • Phones not registering to correct site, defaulting to HQ regaurdless of IP Address ma

    We have a 3 site install that the phones are getting the correct IP address in their voice VLAN DHCP scope. We have them defined in the IP phones address map, there are sufficient allocated ports for all phones to register to their correct locations.

    ShoreTel 8
    Build 13.9.9403.0

    Thanks Everyone!

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    Are the phones assigned to users and are the users assigned to a particular site?


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      Yes, that is correct. These are users that are built to a specific site, and once they reboot they re-register to the HQ site.


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        There is an issue with that build, that can cause an issue with the ip address map. Delete and re add the address map, and the issue should be resolved.


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          Wow, that is good to know considering I had done that and it worked for a short time. I have another case open with TAC concerning another issue. It is on the same build, they stated to me to take it to 8.1 and that 8.0 is not going to be developed any further.

          Thank you!


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            Just an update on this thread, it was a known issue in 8.0, we upgraded them to 8.1 a couple months ago and have not had any further issues.