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  • MOH question (again)

    We have a client that is using a legacy product and two sources of MOH for the two lawyers sharing the switch.

    They want to go IP. The Small Biz thing is priced right! The rub of course is only one source for MOH. They of course do not want to advertise each other.

    Can we install the ST50 and put four trunks on it for "A" and then add a second 50 for "B" and have a music source for "A" and "B"? Some say I can some say I have to add an additional site lincense. If so I can't use Small Biz.

    Alternatively, can I have the first ST50 play music and make the second ST50marked "no" for MOH source? Lawyer "B" would just as soon have no MOH.:confused1:

    I'd like to hear what is the real truth!!!

    It would be simple for ST to do as the legacy and have the MOH recorded in a MB and the "old fashion thing" plays a separate MOH for each firm.

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    Wouldn't work with Small Biz edition either way. MOH is limited to one source PER SITE. You would have to have each SG50 in it's own site, which then would require you to run ST Enterprise.

    The only way to do this is with enterprise, 2 sg50's, 3 sites. Site A through SG50 #1, and site B through SG50#2.

    hope this helps


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      If you have 2 SG-50s, you can connect a separate MOH source to each. If you connect the lines for Lawyer A to SG-50 A, those lines will get the MOH connected to it. Same goes for Lawyer B and SG-50 B. If there is only one MOH switch, the audio input will be streamed to all trunk switches in the system for held calls.


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        Why not have external music source like cd jukebox - and share music?


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          Missing the point

          The real issue is that by law a great number of entities CANNOT advertise for a business that shares space and telephones, (Ie: lawyer and title company.)

          A $100 KSU will allow two MOH inputs. It ain't rocket surgery. (As "W" would say.)

          The issue is not "MUSIC." It is playing a promotion on hold. If it was just music, there would be no issue.