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  • Caller ID pass through for tie line

    Hi All,

    We have set up a tie line between a new ShoreTel and a very old legacy PABX, so old in fact that our only option for a tie line is to set the ShoreTel E1 switch to ISDN Network. QISG is not avaible.

    Most things work well. We can call between to systems. The ShoreTel is also connected to the Telco E1 service.

    The problem is Caller ID, when an Off System Extension user (on the legacy PABX) makes a call we want their DID/DNIS number to be sent as the outbound caller ID on the Telco trunk. We can see thier full DID number as caller ID when they call a ShoreTel extension so I know it is coming through, but it doesn't get passed through to the telco trunk. Caller ID not blocked is ticked in both trunk groups and ShoreTel extensions can send any caller ID we want.

    I have done a pri_trace=1 and pri_log=1 on both switches and this is what we get:

    From the tie line switch:
    08 02 00 05 05 04 03 80 90 a3 18 03 a9 83 81 6c
    0a 01 81 39 39 37 30 30 30 31 30

    From the telco switch:
    08 02 00 46 05 04 03 80 90 a3 18 03 a9 83 89 6c
    02 00 80 70 0b 80 30 34 32 31 36 33 39 36 35 38

    Any help is appreciated.


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    This will require a custom dial plan to rewrite the outgoing callerID. It is something that ShoreTel implementation services can create for you.