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  • Upgrade from 7.5 GA to 8.1 Issues

    Last night we upgraded a customer from 7.5 GA release for the ShoreTel IP PBX to 8.1. We also upgraded the ECC from 4.65.07 to 4.66.04. We upgraded the Contact Center first then upgraded all of the Agents and Supervisors. All worked correctly. We then followed the Upgrade/Build Notes verbatim and Upgraded the IP PBX. All appeared to be OK. When we went back to the Workgroup Agents/Contact Center Agents and upgraded their PCM's we noticed that the Agent Login/Logout functions as well as all of the Contact Center functions were grayed out. We are able to use the Agent Tool Bar to log in and out but not the PCM.

    Today, I changed the PCM types to Workgroup Agent and Workgroup Supervisor. In the PCM the Login/Logout options now appear however, when you use these it will not actually log you in or out of the Contact Center. I have re-registered the STLogin.dll file. This did not help. We also lost several licensed keys during the upgrade. The TAC is scratching their head trying to figure out what is going on. Has anyone else ran into these issues?:confused1: