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  • Rquest for info on how to install CO trunks on Shoregear 60

    Hi, This is my first post but I've learned a lot from this forum so far. We've been using the system for about a year and we're running 7.5 12.15.6700 with 6 sites and 390 phones so far. I've done the last two installs myself but they were easy with T1 circuits simply plugged in to the Shoregear t1 switch. Next month I will be installing 2 Shoregear 60's for a site with 10 CO lines and I'm really unclear about how to do that. I'm an administrator pretending to be an installer on a 'as needed' basis so I have a very basic understanding of what's needed and have reviewed the switch installation documentation. I'm still feeling unclear so I would be very interested to know what folks out there recommend for connecting these lines to the switches. What kind of analog adapters have you used, what do I need the teleco to install on their side, do I just install on the adaptor in hunt order, etc. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    You need an Amphenol cable for each switch and 2 66 blocks to connect the other end, so one end connects to the switch and the other to your block. If you look at the SG switch install guide it will give you the pinouts for your trunks on the 66block (buy a punch tool). Create a trunk group and add indiv trunks to it.