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  • Shared Mailbox

    How is everyone dealing with shared mailboxes? I have many customers that want shared mailboxs, which is offered through a workgroup, but don't want to pay for the extra license. How are most people dealing with this?

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    Workgroup mailboxes do not require a mailbox license. You can setup 128 workgroups with mailboxes.


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      Don't you have to be a workgroup agent to access the mailbox?


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        No, you can access any mailbox by pressing the 'Voicemail' key and hitting '#'

        Then just enter in the mailbox number you want to access and the password (default '1234' unless you change it during the WG setup)

        Just so you know, there is no indication in Call Manager to let you know there is a message in this mailbox without the Agent or Supervisor CM. You can setup an email notification when a new message arrives, or just send the message as a wav file to email.


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          I guess thats better than nothing.


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            Part of it depends on how they want to distribute the messages as well. Some call centers I have done want the supervisor to have the messages forwarded to them, and then they distribute them as needed. That doesn't require anything other than Personal/Advanced.