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  • CT-Pros_Eric
    We have this exact same problem at a customer site right now.

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  • royb
    might also try a shielded cable from the Sg to the paging amp or powered horn connection

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  • TonyZ
    Is the music-on-hold source also integrated into the overhead page system? It sounds like the paging and MOH are crossed at some point. Most of the time this happens when the relay that stops the MOH from playing when a page is made is wired incorrectly...

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  • AspenTim
    started a topic Overhead Paging Bleed through

    Overhead Paging Bleed through

    One of my customers is having issues where overhead paging is bleeding through to a call that has been placed on hold. Call comes in via PRI --> Receptionist places on hold and hits overhead paging extension only --> page is heard through phone. Any ideas?