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  • SGear connected to Avaya IP Office

    Newbie for SGear, coming from Avaya IP Office, has anyone already connected a SGear switch to a IP Office one?
    Problems ?



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    Any update on this? Currently have 9 sites on ShoreTel and one that we inherited with an Avaya IP Office. Have the VCM card V5 software on Avaya.


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      getzjd, I had a very similar situation and used a T1 integration between the two. I couldn't find any tech note for the IP Office but I did find one for the Definity on the ShoreTel site. I just used that as a guide and set up the IP Office. It was pretty painless.


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        4 digit dial is pretty simple from the ShoreTel side with either a PRI tie line or SIP tie lines. The config from the ShoreTel side is pretty much the same no matter what you are going to, if there is a hang it will be getting your other end to work right. Noretel PBX, BCM 50, BCM 450 are all great, a BCM 400 will not do the SIP option but will do the PRI...Have not tried on an IP Office yet.


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          My sites are geographically dispersed and connected via vpn circuit. SIP will have to be it... I have some experimenting to do :-)