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  • IP265 won't pull SNTP IP

    I've got a ShoreTel 8 system that just went in. The phones are all IP265's and have DHCP as well as Options 004 and 66 setup.

    The phones are all working fine. However, one phone will not pull the SNTP time server IP. I've done a Mute-Reset-#, Mute-Clear-# and gone through setup trying to statically assign IP's. The thing won't clear out values when I do a reset and/or clear. and it won't pull the time when I statically assign a time server.

    Are there any other ways to just blow out everything in the phone and try to bring it up again? It almost seems like it's a bad phone but thought I'd see if there was anything I missed before I went down that road. Thanks!

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    I've had a couple IP230's that like to hang onto incorrect data too. I was able to get them to release by doing mute + setup # twice in a row then allowing it to reboot. You may end up having to RMA the phone but try a couple clears in a row first.

    One other thing....

    What does your phone show for an sntp server when you do mute + info #?