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  • ShoreTel "Hung up/Dropped" Releasing Calls

    I must first tell you that I have been learing the ins/outs of ShoreTel over the past couple months. This group has been a great resource for me. Since I am a novice, I will try to explain this situation the best I can. I appreciate anyone that could give some ideas as both our phone and ShoreTel Techs are at a loss. Thank you in advance.

    We are having an issue with one of our locations having "no service or dropped calls." To our call center, this will mean that calls get disconnected in the middle of the conversation. Until the switch is "restarted" calls cannot come in. It seems to occur when multiple calls hit the auto attendant at the same time. (??) I have tried to recreate the failure after-hours, and that seems to be the way to do it.

    I can monitor this group with VB Trunk Test. It goes from Ringing to Established to (at the end) Releasing and at that point it "sticks" or gets hung up. At that point all ports (callers) will be dropped. The trunk state is stuck in "releasing" until I use ShoreTel Director to restart that switch (Maintenance - Quick Look - site ABC - Command Restart or Restart when Idle.

    So far, thoughts have been that the line level is either too low and then they though it was too high. That has been corrected. It was thought the ShoreTel switch was bad. That was replaced and the issue still exists. Finally, the firmware was updated in the Ethernet switch and cables were changed with port connections. It seems like the techs are at a loss.

    What could be the potential issue here? How would we resolve that? How can I trouble shoot to find out more about the problem to help resolve?

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    No Service

    I think someone else on this board had a problem that generated "no service" messages on the phones.

    They found that their DHCP lease for the phones was set to something CRAZY low, like 1 hour or something.

    We use 30 days for ours.

    the phones were losing their DHCP addresses and dropping out during forced renew or something.

    Is your switch statically assigned or a DHCP reservation?


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      What version of ShoreTel are you running we had this issue before it was a problem with arp and route tables on the phones, for a while we would transfer phones to a different switch and it would fix the issue without rebooting switch's but we no longer have this issue with newer ShoreTel releases.
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        What build of Shoretel and what type of SG switches? Is this occuring at the local site or a remote site?


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          I am using 7.5 - 12.15.3601.0

          We are good on the DHCP.

          I am confused about the SG switches question. (see novice)

          Thanks all!


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            Originally posted by cburgy View Post
            What build of Shoretel and what type of SG switches? Is this occuring at the local site or a remote site?
            The switch in question is an SG90.

            All calls are directed through an XO MPLS circuit to a call center at one of the other location. The "HQ" server sits at the XO CoLo and the Call center Work Group is at their main administration site.

            This is a very interesting issue. We had to delay the install because the local CO was having issues with the "line quality" It would seem we are possibly still having issues because of that? Not sure.



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              I should also note that the TRUNKS are hanging in the releasing state. The phones are fine now that they have been rebooting the switch when idle.


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                what was the solution to this issue???

                What was the outcome of this problem?
                I have the exact same problem for 2 days now and no one can find the fix. I am on 8.1 with a sg90 switch and connecting to the server via a nuvox mpls.