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  • analog DID trunks (wink start)

    Anyone done analog DID trunks (wink start) with Shoretel? Did you have to do anything special? The telco is saying they aren't seeing power on the line from us? We never see any digits from across on the lines...

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    Should work the same as any other PBX vendor's DID trunks. Disconnect the DID trunks from the telco at the ShoreTel trunk or telco demarc. Take a butt set (Harris Dracon TS21, etc), connect it to the tip and ring of the ShoreTel DID trunk observing polarity. Go off hook on the butt set. The led's on the butt set should flash green - red - green. That's the wink. (If they flash red - green - red the polarity is reversed) Following the wink you should be able to dial a ShoreTel extension and have it ring. If this works you have proved the ShoreTel gear to be good and the trouble is in on the telco side. If this does not work you have a problem. It's possible that the polarity of the DID trunk is reversed on the telco side (Ring-Tip instead on Tip-Ring). Try reversing the pair from the telco and see if you can receive a call from the central office.

    If the above tests work (you see the wink and are able to ring a ShoreTel extension) dump it back in the telco's lap.


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      I've never used analog DID trunks, but I see that the SG40 switch supports analog DID only on the two Universal trunk ports, but not on the dedicated trunk ports. Check the documentation for whichever switch you are using.



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        Switch is good Actually, the kilauea's don't have universal so you have to use the extension only ports as either extensions or DID.

        Looks like a carrier problem and just needed some guidance on proving that with analog wink start since we never work with analog wink.

        Thanks guys.