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  • IP8000 and SIP trunks

    I am setting up two IP8000 phones on our Shoretel (7.5 Build 12.14.8701.0) phone system.

    I have it working, but I am now sorting out if they are really going to work for us the way we want.

    Do I have to use a separate SIP trunk for each phone?

    I came across a document about the Version 3.6.0 (8) firmware update (currently running 2.6.0 (5)) that describes a modified SIP profile that then shows the IP8000 as a IP Phone so I could assign a User/Extension to it. How does this enter into this?

    My goal is to utilize the least amount of ports on the switch, but to allow these phones to do a 3 way (1 + 2) conference each. Is this possible? How many SIP trunks will it require?

    One last question, I know that there functions are limited on these phones, but can I transfer a call to an IP8000 that is already on a call? (For being able to add someone to an existing call)

    Any assistance would be helpful!



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    We have two IP8000's installed on (7.5 Build 12.14.1806.0). They require 2 SIP trunks each in order to have a three party call. To my knowledge there is no support for SIP extensions until ST 8, until then they will only work as SIP trunks. I am pretty sure you can transfer to the IP8000 without any problems. It is kind of odd though, when you build the individual trunks (I equate this to 1 IP8000) and set the number of trunks to 2 (assuming two per phone); when you place a call from one phone it can actually use a SIP trunk associated to a different IP8000.

    Hopefully this will be easier once SIP extensions are supported.