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  • Remote system down scenario... looking for what you have set up for redundancy

    OK, with the recent IKE rolling through the midwest. There are allot of sites with out power.

    We have ran into a scenario of a remote site with DVM that lost power. When they came back up their MPLS was still down. (Telco systems did not have power to run their circuits). So they could not get to the HQ for the ShoreTel system to pull its information. So the ShoreTel remote was dead in the water until the MPLS circuit came up and it could get the information from the HQ server.

    I know a dial backup for their LAN to the HQ would resolve this issue, but I am also looking for different ways other companies have gotten around this issue.

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    If the remote site is up and running then they should be go right? All the users were assigned to the DVS correct? No analog lines for back-up calls?


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      No, if you lose power and when the switches, phones and dvm come back up. They will not work until they can talk to the HQ server.

      They will stay working if the WAN network goes down and the switches and the phones do not get reset. But if you reset the equipment. It will not come back up until it sees the HQ server.


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        That is totally inexcusable. Shoretel should have taken into account things like Power Outages Wan outages happening at the same time.

        Switches should be able to boot up and fall back on a "cached" profile of some sorts........


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          Especially since I have a DVM onsite. You would think there would be a file that the phones and switches could failover to on the DVM if they can not reach the HQ server. So what if it is not up to date with the HQ at the time. They just want to be able to make and take calls out of their local PRI.


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            OK, After getting to the right person at ShoreTel. We have the scoop on the backup scenario on a WAN or POWER OUTAGE. I tested it in the lab and it is true to form.

            The switches boot up on flash. The flash holds the config information even on a power outage. The phones and switches will come up and work off the local lines for that site. IF!! THE PHONES KEEP THE SAME IP ADDRESS THEY HAD WHEN THE SYSTEM WENT DOWN.

            So if you are using DHCP and you have your lease set say for 1 day or your DHCP server holds its lease information in RAM not NV RAM. Your power goes out for two days and then comes back on. Your WAN connection to HQ or your ShorTel server is dead.

            Because your lease was set short and the time has expired or your DHCP server did not save your lease information in NV RAM. The DHCP will hand out new ip addresses to the phones. You will NOT come up and work!

            The phone HAS to have the same ip address that is stored in the flash of the switches in order for them to come up.

            Keep in mind, this will only happen if you have lost power to the switches and when they come back up they can not talk to the HQ server. So if you are at a remote site and your wan goes out. DO not reset anything and you will be fine. If your equipment losses power the above scenario could happen.

            3 things I know you can do to keep this from happening to you.

            1) verify DHCP lease license is long enough to cover what you would be comfortable in a down wan and power outage.

            2) Make sure your DHCP will retain its lease information during a power outage, NV RAM.

            3) static your phones. (Best option but I don't like it. Its ok for a small site or a small remote site).

            Hope this helps anybody. It took us awhile to get this from ShoreTel.



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              This word document provides some guidance.
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                Here are two PDFs that discuss how Shoretel deals with various diaster scenarios.

                They got yanked off the support site but they are going to repost them shortly (in case you try to find them in the KB).
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