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  • Find me feature XO Flex PRI

    Find me feature with XO flex T1 PRI
    Does anyone have a work around to get the find me to work on a XOs flex T1 PRI service
    Everyone I know with this type of service the Find me fails. Something about when the find me is invoked XO does not see the main BTN and rejects the call. Why only on XO? it works on any other IVAD T1 PRI service.

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    Another Reason Why XO sucks

    XO (and a few other cheap carriers) are doing their billing based on the calling party number, rather than the switch it is attached to. It is possible for them to bill based on the switch, rather than the calling party number, but they are either unable to (I have personally seen them completely misconfigure their equipment) or unwilling to try. Shoretel by default sends the orgional calling party number for Find me and for External Assignment, which most carriers will accept, though XO is an obvious exception. Shoretel has a knowledge base article written up about it, just searching on DID and BTN brings up the article.


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      Find me XO flex T1

      Our tech worked with Shoretel and they got in and edited the custom trunk rules chaning the outgoing CID info sent to XO, this still didnt fix it. When ShoreTel talked to XO and provided them with a ISDN trace, XO admitted the problem and stated that they have the XO web Portal to resolve the issue. trouble is find me cant log into the web portal.