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  • conference calls

    Has anyone had a problem with conference calls? The problem I am Having is that the internal conference works fine.(st to st) I can have two internal and one external party on the call, but I cannot have two external calls. What happens is the first external call is made I hit the conference button It puts the first call on hold then I dial the secound external number it connects I'm ask if I want to conference the two together when I hit yes it drops the first call and places the secound call on hold. Has any one else had this issue? St 7.5 build12.12.6117.0

    Thanks for any help with this I contacted tech support but they didn't have an immediate answer.


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    I have seen this before and it occurred when the customer had a channels configured on the SHoretel system and the actual PRI had channels not active.

    Use the trunk test tool and make calls out on your PRI channels to make sure that they are all active.

    I hope this helps.



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      Thanks for your reply Ken I am not onsite today but as soon as I get back I will update with a response for anyone else in the future that might have this problem.



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        I am having this same issue and I thought it had been ever since the upgrade to version 8. Whats funny about this is that I upgraded to 8 from the same build that you are on. I am going to call my provider and find out exactly what channels are being utilized for voice. I know that we have a dynamic pri with voice priority but thats as far as my knowledge goes.


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          Problem Solved

          Ken you were right on the money the ST system was programmed for 23 channels but we were only recieving 20 removed the other 3 problem solved thanks again for your help.