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  • SIP GSM unit problems

    i have installed a 2N voiceblue lite SIP GSM unit onto a shoregear 60/12.
    i have programmed both units myself and i have had them checked by 3 different techs. we all dont see the problem.

    the problem is one way speech when making a call from the shoretel ext through the SIP GSM unit.
    eg. if i were to call your mobile from the shoretel ext, i would be able to hear you but you would not be able to hear me.
    i have tried the unit with different SIM cards and SIMs from different carriers the same thing happens.

    the site also has PRI30 service these calls work fine both way speech and all.

    i have had shoretel tech support send me instructions on how they set up a SIP GSM unit, i followed it step by step but there was no difference on what i had done. according to the doc i had done it right. but there is obviously something i am missing or doing wrong.

    has any one else come across this problem or have any suggestions

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