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  • Softphone will not stay up, and it used to

    As of the last couple weeks we are not able to keep our soft phones online, they take a while to come up and sometimes you have to click softphone from personal call manger more than once,but once they are up they then lose connection and do not function at all. It does not matter where we are at (remote, local) regardless of the network, it always does the same thing. We are on the build listed below.

    Here is what we get after about 30 seconds of it being up. We have checked our network to make sure we are not blocking the ports used.


    ShoreTel 8 Build 13.9.9403.0
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    I'm sure you have enough resources on your switches to handle soft phones? Did anything change two weeks ago, but if your PCM works then it shouldn't be a rights or port issue. Look in the release notes for any known bugs.


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      yeah, I do have enough resources, but good thought. Yes, that is weird that PCM still works with no issues, will do on the release notes. thanks


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        I found a problem with the softphone when going to ver 8.1 with the windows firewall blocking the softphone, but not the Call Manager. Adding the pcm.exe to the exception list for the windows firewall allowed it to work properly.

        Also, make sure you have additional IP phone ports available on your voice switch too.


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          I am experiencing this same issue. The SoftPhone will work for a little bit and then it disconnects and I see the red X in the top right corner just like in your screen shot.

          This is my first attempt at using the SoftPhone, users are using the PCM for calling / answering regular phones without any problems. When this occurs I have to either close the PCM and reopen or click on "Home" and then change it back to "SoftPhone"

          We are running ShoreTel 8.1 Build 13.23.2606.0


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            Experiencing the same issue. Not an issue w reliable internet access. Coming from FiOS connection w a persistent ping to the shoretel server & switch returning sub 50ms responses.

            The "changing from softphone <-> home <-> office anywhere works for all options excpet the softphone. The phone icon is visible for about 5 seconds, then the status changes to "phone disconnected, line not in service".

            This works fine from inside the building and is only a problem when VPN'd in. This did work for 2 users for the first few days of implementation then suddenly stopped working.

            Is there a firewall issue that needs to get set?


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              We are seeing this same issue but haven't found a solution as yet.


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                Same issues here. We are on version 8.0 though. Upgrading to 9.1 soon maybe that will fix.


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                  1 word. Wireshark


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                    Miersk....You are 110% correct....half of the problems on this forum could be solved by using WIRESHARK/ETHEREAL....then again, what would we do if there are no problems to post.