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  • Need Loud Ringer for a Noisy Area

    I have an analog phone in an equipment area that is really noisy, any easy suggestions on a device to connect or an analog phone that has a really loud ringer? I could switch it out to an IP230 if there is a device that works any better on those. Thanks...
    Randy Wensmann
    [email protected]
    (408) 385-3485

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    You might want to try one of the loud ringing bells made by Wheelock. While I am not necessarily recommending this particular supplier, here is an example of one of Wheelock's loud bells.


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      As oldphoneguy said, Radio shack or Frys (Aka any company of sorts) will have analog ringers,

      True story
      My dad was so hard of hearing, I had to place a Warehouse ringer behind his chair, he would still sleep through it :chinese: