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  • Trunk group paging

    Here is my scenario, I have a Valcom V-2003A, need to keep the paging scheme the same for the customer. They currently dial an access code of 152, and then select page zone 1 from that. I have a trunk and a trunk group set up for this with a 3 digit access code of 152, the problem lies that the system is waiting for a 7 digit phone number before grabbing the trunk. Is there a work around that anyone knows of to trick the system.

    Let me know you thoughts on this.

    Thanks to all!!

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    Got it, APP Note 109 did the trick, basically you have to use an off system extension, and tweak the Trunk group in the with the support login, by entering in a string to not expect digits, and to assume dial tone.

    Have a good one!


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      If you ever need to program this option on a phone (or any off system extension for that matter), you can program a Dial Number (Speed Dial) with the External number 152. You'll notice if you try to add 152 under Extension, it won't reconize.


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        Ian, thank you, that worked like a champ. I appreciate the input!!!


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          I am new to the Shoretel system and am trying to set up paging using a loop start trunk and am having a similar issue. Where do I find the app notes?
          I have searched the Shoretel sit and cannot find App note #109??




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            Anyone have a clue???


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              Re: Valcom Setup

              Her is the setup for valcom:

              How Do I Connect A Valcom 2003 Paging System To The ShoreTel System?
              For in depth detail see Application Note 0109.

              Use Director in Support Mode, accessed by pressing Ctrl-Shift and clicking on User Name before logging in.

              Set up a dedicated loop start trunk group (let's call it Paging). The access code doesn't matter (it might as well be 9), since it won't be added to any user group.

              Assign the Class Connect box an extension. e.g.199, and add that as an Off System Extension (199-199) in the Paging trunk group.

              Add the string ;1G;1I (capital letter i) to the custom plan string of the Paging trunk group. The first three characters say to wait 1 second after going off hook and presume a connection even if dials tone is not heard, the second three characters say not to outpulse the off system extension (e.g. 199) after the trunk is seized.

              Add trunks in the Paging trunk group that are to be connected to the Class Connect box.

              To use this setup, dial 199, wait 1+ second and hear the Class Connect box's dial tone then press the DTMF to access the feature you want



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                I know this post is a bit outdated however I am sure someone can help me. I am installing a ST system , there existing system has a v2003-A installed. The page zones are setup and currently they dial 66 followed by whatever zone they want to page.

                I am attempting to hook this up to a LS trunk on a 220T1A. I followed app note 0109 however I am a bit confused in adding the off system ext, I add it in the trunk group, when the trunk is just idle it keeps going out of service. When I dial the off system ext I set up I just get re-order tone.

                Any help is greatly appreciated.


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                  This is usually an indication that the ShoreGear switch is not seeing the loop voltage back from the Paging unit. Make sure Paging unit is configured for a loopstart trunk - Paging trunk is configured as a loopstart trunk and you do not have a wiring problem b/w the 2.


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                    Ok got it figured out, it is a dipswitch setting on the Valcom that was causing the issue. Dip switch sw1 must be up and sw2 must be down.


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                      What is the default access code to page on an IPBX-24? I am new to the shoretel line and can not find anything in documentation, other than "see your administrator" for access code.