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  • Record2File

    What is the proper syntax of this command? I have tried Record2File2 16,30,test;0 and I get undefiled symbol test. If I do this
    Record2File2(16,30,<test>;0) I get a syntax error. I know that 16 is the port ,30 is the seconds to record, test is the file name, what is the last 0

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    In order to capture a recording of a call, please use the following steps:
    1. On ShoreWare Server , verify FTP has "Write" permissions ( IIS Manager -->FTP (Default site)-->
    Properties ---> Enable "Write" permission)
    2. Establish a Telnet session to the analog SG switch.
    3. Place a test call into the SG switch, and note the Port# the call is established on (Trunk Test Tool)
    4. From the Telnet session to the SG switch, type the following command, and press Enter:

    Port#: This is the port number where the call is connected to
    Seconds: This is the duration in seconds for the recording
    "filename" : This is the name of the file that will be captured
    Example: Record2File2(1,30,"test") This example will record a call on Port#1 for 30 seconds to a file called "test".
    5. At this point the call is being recorded, you can speak into the phone and indicate "I will now hang up the call"
    6. Hang up the phone call, place phones On-Hook.
    7. The recording will capture your voice saying "I will now hang up the call" as well as Disconnect Supervision.
    8. Once the recording is complete, there will be two files created, the files will be located in the following directory:
    Filenames are identified by the name given in the Record2File2 syntax above "filename".


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      Dont forget to enable write permission on ftp in IIS

      And then turn it off