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  • Backup and virus software

    I few questions about protecting the server.

    will GHost be adequate to do a backup of the server? Not just the MDB but the entire server?

    Also should a 3rd party antivirus be installed?

    If a server dies (HD failure) what is TAC's response for getting the Windows server software to us? or are we on our own?


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    Ghost should be fine for taking a snap shoot of the server. The only proble with imaging of a server is you have to have a way to setup the image on another system. Images are great if you lost a harddrive or what not, but can be dicey when moving to a different platform.

    Live state which is kind of like ghost be takes on line snap shots of the system is pretty cool. The nice part about it is the restore process goes through a mini setup which makes changing patforms a little easier.

    TAC would only be envolved with your OS if you are running SBE and your partner got it direct from ST. They should have sent you recovery CDs if that was the case. If you have any other platform you or your partner would have to restore the OS.

    If you have a copy of the Shoreline Data folder you can install windows,Restore the Data and then installthe server software pretty quickly. Set the new server IP to the same as the old and your golden.

    Yes as with all server you should run Anit Virus. Most place I have seen run Norton and I have not seen any issues, but you might call you partner and have them ask TAC to see if they have run accross any conflicts.
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