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  • Uprading IOS on Shoregear

    I'm new to ShoreTel, and nd to uprgade the firmware on the SG 60/12. I have several in various locations. Current version of firmware ver 12.12.6117 Boot ROM is . We us Call Mgr 7.5 build 12.12.6117 and have serveral with build 12.14.8701.0. Where can I find out how to do the upgrade? Should I upgrade all Call Managers with the latest build before I upgrade the the switch. How long of a downtime should I expect? Any assistance will be appreciated.

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    Upgrades are easy...

    You'll want to upgrade the switches and phones first. It will be very easy though. In the Director, you can go to the quickview and simply reboot the switches. When they come back up, they will grab the new firmware from the server. Once that is done, go into each switch in the Quickview and reboot the phones from there. When they come back up, they'll also grab the new firmware.

    As for the clients... It depends on the type of security you have on your PC's. If your users have full Admin rights, you can just send them the URL from the server to the new client. If they don't have Admin rights, you will either need to manually upgrade them yourself, or hopefully you already have some type of software distribution program like SMS, Zenworks, etc.


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      John Lorenz wrote a nice FAQ on this subject at this post: