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  • SIP trunks

    Recently we have heard and seen ShoreTrunks has anyone used it and what are the comments about it.

    Why is it different?

    Has anyone use SIP trunking from PaeTec? If so what are the comments.

    We have looked at SIP for a customer and PaeTec said no can do in our market. Soon as ShoreTrunks got on the scene, now they can do it all.

    To me the PaeTec sales guys are the kind of folks that would use a Colt 45 to hunt every thing from rabbits to grizzlies, shoot a lot and not hit much. When you only have one thing to offer I guess that is the way it is.

    Any way --- has any one done SIP trunks with PaeTec?

    (Note - I am a stockholder of PaeTec and ShoreTel.)

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    I think it's only been done with a SIPerator, although I thought they were trying to get certified to do SIP without one as well.


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      I have seen this floating around, I do not know if this is even a certified product from ShoreTel or a solutions provider.

      Maybe they are gearing up for that, I do not know. ShoreTel is not listed as a solutions provider on the site, nor does Shoretel have them listed.

      I would be very cautious until ShoreTel makes a formal announcement, as of yet, I don't see anything from ShoreTel.

      Just my 2 cents thats all


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        True SIP v2.0 support for SIP/IP Trunking

        When will Shoretel support true SIP v2.0 for IP trunking? .. Seems strange that others have already been able to make this happen without some other middle piece of hardware or IPsec tunnel, It should be something pretty simple to get going if Shoretel was NAT aware on the trunking side? ..

        Anyone else have feedback why this has not been a priority for Shoretel like it has been for other IP/PBX vendors?


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          SureTrunks...Try it - you'll like it!

          Mr. Watters:

          You may want to give SureTrunking a look.

          There is a webinar this Thursday at 2:00 pm eastern. After you attend, you may sign up for free SureTrunks to try with your in-office system. To register, simply send an email to [email protected] with your basic contact info and they'll email you an invite.

          More info on SureTrunk by EtherSpeak.


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            Thanks for the info .. however this solution still requires IPsec tunnels to make the IP trunking piece work which is not really a true native solution thus my question.


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              Like "Native" with a MIPU card - that's what you mean?

              Neil D


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                Yes that's one good example .. Any number of different flavors of Asterisk IP/PBX's, Cisco, Really their are now lots of other vendors supplying, I am just surprised that Shoretel being all IP had not jumped on this earlier than other more traditional PBX vendors.


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                  It is a fair point.

                  But I think enabling SIP Trunks Toshiba to trunk requires a ~2k card; or a ShoreTel requires a ~2k Ingate; or some other brand IP PBX or key system that requires an expensive IAD is limiting for everyone (customer, VAR, manufacturer). SIP trunking is the killer app - and it shouldn't be hard - or cost alot - for customers to turn on the killer app that adds value long-term value to their investment.

                  Our view of Native is that hooking up SIP trunks should be as close to free as possible and not require a new piece of gear that you have to sell, the customer has to buy, huge setup fee, etc. Native should just work.

                  SureTrunks just work - and cost nothing to setup. As an added benefit, SureTrunking encrypts the signaling and / or the media over standards based encryption. Nice. Secure. Save Money. Free Setup. Nice.

                  Are you coming to the webinar Thursday or not MIPU guy?

                  Neil D

                  Neil D


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                    Thanks again for your reply .. please note I am not a MIPU guy .. I just want Shoretel to get with the program .. Having an IPSec tunnel is great but will it scale and further once an IPsec tunnel is up how well does it perform across an unmanaged circuit vs an SSL-VPN, Further how does one manage security for said IPsec tunnel as you are now exposing the customers local area LAN to possible intrusion from other users and or locations via the other end of the IPsec tunnel ?.

                    As to others that are doing SIP/IP trunking native in fact the MIPU card is yet more money but keep in mind its native to the provider of SP/IP trunking and very easy to bring online not to mention the most important part is its a card that slides into the PBX and thus is native to the PBX and very easy to manage.

                    Like the T-1 box for Shoretel SIP/IP trunking should be a solution just as easy to bring online.

                    The real issue is Shoretel can make this happen with their current solution if they want to .. and yes you are dead on right .. SIP/IP trunking is in fact a killer app which is really why I started this whole question ..

                    Why is it not important to Shoretel ?