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  • Mediatrix ATA

    We are using Mediatrix ATA's to hande our 250ish fax/verifone/ATM/modem lines.

    Has anyone had any experience using ATA devices like this?

    Some of the devices work well consistantly, but it seems the majority have inconsistancies. They will dial, connect, then the Fax (or other device) will error out.

    We're using a combination of Mediatrix 1102, 1104, 1124 devices.

    Using analog out from our 220T1a's is not really an option with our site layouts, and the copper pathing that would be needed to connect all these.

    We've been troubling shooting these since our system launch a month ago, and haven't made much headway to the point where ordering a POTS line for each Fax/analog device may become a reality ver soon.

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    We have tried the Mediatrix but have not had much luck. Multitech has an Avaya branded h.323 model that we use, and they work great. They do have a SIP model available but we have yet to try with ShoreTel. We have had good luck with Multitech, the h.323 MultiVoip and the FaxFinder, so I would think the SIP version would work well too.

    I don't know if SIP endpoints in version 8.0 will help either one of these devices work better. I am assuming the fact that only SIP trunks are supported in 7.5 is part of our problem. When we tried to install one, after it came up all outbound calls attempted to route over the SIP trunks, and obviously were unsuccessful.