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  • ShoreTel 7.0 to 7.5 Upgrade

    I was just wondering if there are any huge bugs in ShoreTel 7.5, were are currently on ShoreTel 7.0. We are a HealthCare and we are usually 6 months behind the newest version. What we need to work perfect is:

    basically all the main functions
    Hunt Groups
    IP 8000 Conf Phone
    External Assignment
    560/530 IP phones
    with 7.5 we are going to use SmartPhones w/windows mobile 6 (Sprint Mogul)

    Also anything else important.

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    The latest releases of 7.5 are pretty good, just make sure you stay build 4002 and above; but I can't comment on specific needs.


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      Actually, you should be at least 12.14.6904 and above if you have half width switches (kilauea) and use IP Phone Failover (i.e. you have extra switch capacity to fail over to). Shoretel fixed the bug with 12.14.6904 and above (8.0 is 13.9.5703 and above).

      The bug will cause the phones to constantly RSIP between switches which results in dropped calls until the affected Shoregear switches are rebooted. If you have older switches, the phones will migrate to them and operate successfully. This happens between every 2-8 weeks depending on the environment.

      For reference, it is defect:

      1-26843973 New ShoreGear switches cause IP phones to lose connection to the switches if IP phone failover enabled.


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        make sure you get the newest version of 7.5 so you don't run into the Audio Delay issue/bug.