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  • ISDN switches keep falling over

    We have just had a ShoreTel system installed (we are a college in the UK) - we have 3 sites and have had failures of the ShoreTel ISDN switches on 2 of the sites. We have had to unplug the power lead and plug it in again and the system then comes back up. Our installers are going to swap out the switches but we feel this may not be the answer. We don't have separate VLAN's for voice which we think we should have - when we suggested this to our installer pre-installation, we were told we didn't need them. Can anyone comment?

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    How often do they fail? Are they SGE1 or 220E1 switches?


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      They are SG220 E1's and they are failing daily.


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        I saw an issue here with one carrier who was sending a particular line test sequence once a week in the middle of the night that would kill the SGE1. Once ShoreTel coded the switch firmware to deal with the test all was good. None of the other carriers had this test turned on.

        Is it at random times during the day? With these things there is always a pattern, you just have to find it. Changing the hardware could be a good idea to eliminate that as a cause, maybe you got a bad batch. You could also try bringing the good 220 to one of the sites where it fails and see if the problem moves?? Are you using the same carrier and ISDN service at all sites? What does ShoreTel TAC say about it?