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  • Shoretel 8.0 connecting to Opt 61c

    I have a T1 connected from the Shoretel and the Nortel the local pri's on in the Opt 61c. Have go it working where the Shoretel phone can call local,ld,toll-free my problem is they have 19 total sites and with-in the Opt 61c if they want to call another site they dial their access code then their number, but for example the number is 602114 one of the other sites also have ext. 2114 but just with a different code . If I leave the preprend 9 on the trunk group I can complete local calls etc. but not internal calls if I take out the 9 then I can complete the internal call ex 9 60 2114 # and the call will complete to the correct site. My question has any one ran into this issue. Thank you for your time.

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    I have a option 61c, and ShoreTel. We also now have ShoreTel 8 in the lab that is connected to the option 61. I do not have any issues at all. I read through your example a couple of times, and I am not sure I am following. I would leave the dial 9 to prepend and then put all of your ext numbers into off site extensions, but I am not sure how to handle the ext number lengths.

    So, if I was on the Nortel system, my site code is 60, at nortel site B is is 61 and so forth. When I want to call site B, i dial 61 and the ext number, correct?

    Is your ShoreTel site 4 digit extensions?


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      Ok, had a minute to think. I believe the only way (someone correct me of course) you can do this is too create multiple trunk groups on the single PRI. I know you said there are a total of 19 sites, so that may be kinda hard. To do what I said above, with just 60 and 61 as site codes, I create 2 trunk groups on the ShoreTel PRI. Set lets say 1 thru 10 to a trunk group setup for 60 and then 11 thru 61 to another trunk group. So, I will go through what i would do to get in touch with site 60. I would create a trunk group with the access code of 60, so a shoretel user would dial 60, and then the ext number. In trunk group 60, I would put all of the ext's in off site ext lists. I would then create a digit translation table that would Original XXXX and replace it with 60XXXX. Leave dial 9 to prepend feild. Now, I cannot test this at the moment, but logically, it should work like this. It is a shame that the 19 sites have the same ext numbers, it could be alot easier.