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  • Static on some T1 channels

    We have a customer that has been living with static on their analog lines for over a year.
    The static comes after the ShoreTel picks up on the second ring. During testing a call could be placed from the demark with no static.
    We fought this for months on the and finally gave up, with a plan of moving them to a T1. We talked the customer into a T1 under the premises that the static would go away and they would have a few extra features.

    When we installed the T1 for testing it was OK for a couple of days and then we started getting static on some of the channels. The static on the T1 is the same as the analog line static. The customer does not here it only the external party.
    The Telco says that the T1 test fine with no errors. This is a channelized T1 as no PRI is available with the current Telco equipment and they have no plans to upgrade in the foreseeable future. I have a ticket open with Shoretel and also the Telco. The Telco is coming out to place calls from the smart jack as per Shoretel’s recommendation.
    Has anybody else run into anything similar? What did you do to get it fixed?

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    Have Shoretel capture the audio stream the SG T1. this will give you proof of where the static comes from.

    Are there any warnings in the Event Viewer? Analog = Copper, T1 = high Powered copper. If the copper is could be bad, regardless. (at least that's my thoughts)


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      I would also check to see how hot the PRI is. I have hot pri's cause all kind of problems. Static was one of them.