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  • VMWare

    So what is the scoop on VMWare? I know ShoreTel doesn't support it, but has it worked for any of you and work well? Would you have enough faith in it to run it as a production system?
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    I talked to Shoretel about this when I was in class a few weeks ago and they said that when testing in the lab that they experienced call quality issues.


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      We have been using VMWare since our install the first part of the year in production and have had no issues with it. However we have some dedicated resources on the VMWare box. So may not be a traditional VMWare solution but it has been solid (knock on wood). We are still migrating from Avaya so we only have about 250 users on ShoreTel. We were warned to look for problems with VM and auto attendants due to the fact that they are streaming media.


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        Yeah, thats what I heard. That VMware doesn't support real time applications well, so you might get some distortion in your VM and AA.