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  • Outbound Caller ID

    I have a customer using a single circuit for 4 companies. Users will make outbound calls on behalf of all of them and the caller ID needs to be specific to the company they are calling out on behalf of. Some of these companies compete with their customers so they don't want them to know they are all tied together. We put in a supertrunk and channelized it and they now use a trunk code, but they want to add another company and we are running out of trunk codes. In the old school Nortel and Toshiba you could do *ANI*DNIS* and manipulate your outbound ID. Any thoughts or has anyone else thought of something creative for this? Blocked, 800, Main, and Billing don't work in this case. Thanks, Randy
    Randy Wensmann
    [email protected]
    (408) 385-3485

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    Try turning off the CID at the trunk level and add the number you want to show to the user profile for each company.


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      You can set up a Bridge call apperance. For each BCA you set up you can put in a new outbound caller id. So you would just need to access that BCA to make your call.


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        I think I saw something in the dial plan about 2 digit tunk access codes as well.