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  • Create a Batch File to Reboot a SG Switch

    Create a Batch File to Reboot a SG Switch

    Here is how to create a simple batch file that will allow you to reboot a ShoreGear Switch with 1 click. Its a very easy way to refresh equipment on a schedule or as needed

    Things you will need to build this script:
    • Notepad" This is located C:\windows\system32\notepad.exe
    • The location of your "ipbxctl" file. The default location for this file is C:\Program Files (x86)\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Server/ipbxctl
    • The local "IP of the Switch" you wish to reboot. In my example it will be

    Lets start by opening notepad. We will enter the location of your ipbxctl file and then the command needed to execute the switch reboot.

    Line 1= the ipbxctl location on the server
    Line 2= the ipbxctl command and local ip to run the command on
    Eample: cd\
    notepad code.JPG

    Now that we have our simple commands in our notepad file we must now save it. You will have to change the "Save asType" to "All files"

    Then be sure to choose a name that ends with a .bat. In my example I named the file "Switch Reboot.bat"

    all file type.JPG

    bat file name.JPG

    We now have a working bat file that you can double click to can reboot your switch

    To test this you can run a constant ping and run the bat file to see if the switch drops.
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    Just a note, by the time you get to 13.1 ipbxctl (along with things like burnflash and quickinstall) are registered in the system path automatically and do not need you to navigate to the Shoreware Server folder anymore. I cant recall now exactly what build brought that, but most systems should be beyond that requirement now.