How to SSH into a 4 Series phone

Then click on the browse button and locate your newly created PuTYgen private key. Upon loading this key you are now staged to SSH into your deviceTo SSH into a 4 series phone requires a terminal emulator like Putty, a private key for your SSH session, and the local ip of the phone you desire to SSH into
  • Download and Install PuttyGen
  • Open PuTTyGen and select Load an existing private key file. The key we need is named hq_rsa

Navigate to Shorelinedata\keystore\ssh\hq_rsa and click enter
NOTE: make sure to change the file type to All Files (*.*) or the key will not show up in the folder
Puttygen 1.jpg

Puttygen 2.jpgPuttygen 3.jpg
  • Click open once the key is selected and then click ok to the foreign key notice
  • After the key is loaded click on the Save private key and Confirm the prompt to save this key without a passphrase.
  • Once you have saved the key be sure to take note of the name and location of the .ppk as we will be using this key in PuTTy to secure or SSH Session
  • Close PuTTYgen
  • Open PuTTy and then enter the IP of your device in the Host Name (or IP address) field
Putty 1.jpg
  • Then In the left column select the SSH Tab and open it
  • This will open a drop down menu and we want to click on the AUTH
  • Then click on the browse button and locate the PuTYgen private key we created
  • Upon loading this key you are now staged to SSH into your device
  • Clicking open will start your Session
  • You should now see a Login screen
Use admin as the login and your session will begin to your phone

ssh 4 series session.jpg

Here is a video of the whole process. Please note this video was not created by ShoreTelForums