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  • Setting Up Ringleader Trunks For Your Phone System

    First off Ringleader was formerly known as etherspeak and was one of the first sip trunk providers to work within a Shoretel system without an ingate. Ringleader has been very easy to work with and has been time tested to be a good option for Mitel Connect and all the builds of ShoreTel from the past to the present. Ringleader may not need an ingate but it does require a few enterprise features and settings.

    Requirement 1: The site you would like to have Ringleader Sip trunks must have a static ip. You may be able to go around this requirement but in the long run it easier and safer for the connections stability to be on a static ip. This can be a topic all on its own but the intenet of this post is to share the recomended way to connect to this type of sip trunk service.

    Requirement 2: You will need a firewall that is capable of a VPN connection to establish a 1 to 1 tunnel. Ringleader will use a 2 phase ipsec tunnel to privately establish your circuit connection. This method works very well and is directly connecting your trunk and switch to the circuit provider.

    This closed tunnel requires access to your local switch and points toyour designated sip trunks resource or resources. If this type of connection is not for you you can always use an ingate but thats up to you.

    Requirement 3: Create your trunk resources and settings locally within the Mitel Connect system. In most versions of Mitel connect this will require only a few steps. The 1st step is designating the switch that will host your sip trunks. Then point your trunk to your sip trunk provider. Of course there is more granular settings for you site but i wont be going into detail like that as they vary person to.

    Summary of needs:
    - Static Public IP
    - Firewall with IPSEC capabilities
    - Designate Sip trunk switch resources

    Example Cut Sheet Sent To You After you Give Them Your Info:
    NAME: 1234-Customer
    Gateway: <----------Onsite Public IP
    VPN setup:
    RingLeader VPN Gateway: or <------- Trunk providers vpn ip or name ip work better
    This is a 1-to-1 tunnel in MAIN MODE with PFS ENABLED
    IKE Phase 1:
    Pre-Shared Key: [email protected]#$You11 <-----vpn shared key
    Diffie-Hellman: GROUP2
    Encryption: 3DES
    Hash: SHA
    Lifetime: 28800
    IKE Phase 2:
    Diffie-Hellman: GROUP2
    Encryption: ESP-AES-128
    Hash: SHA
    Lifetime: 3600
    Encryption Domain info:
    RingLeader side: (/32) <------this is the IP you point your trunks to
    Customer side: (/32) <------this is your local switch ip with sip trunk resources
    For Inbound testing, use the ordered BTN (Billing Telephone Number) assigned to your account: 1 (408) 444-8830
    DO NOT test outbound 911 calls during your testing phase. Test 911 once your permanent phone number(s) are assigned and entered in the 911 database. Testing beforehand will incur a $95 Unsupported 911 call fee.
    If you have any questions, please email our VPN support team at: [email protected] or call 703-649-0023.

    Example Firewall Config For The Ipsec 2 Phase Tunnel:
    VPN BTX.jpg
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    Lance Paddock
    BTX | Business Telephone eXchange
    1(800) 289-0299

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    We have some customers we've inherited that use this same service. The first time I looked at the app note from ShoreTel on this I shook my head. Talk about an over-antiquated setup. Gosh I hope you guys don't pitch this still.

    EDIT: Not to discredit this great guide
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      Sip trunks as a whole can be a unique or a painful experience for some people and not all trunks work the same in every area. Generally I tend to see whats available within each customers area and see what works best for their needs. Proof of service changes within each city and what works well in one city might not work well in another.
      Lance Paddock
      BTX | Business Telephone eXchange
      1(800) 289-0299