As time goes on I noticed that simple things get lost and swallowed up in the world wide web. So I will periodically create posts that are hopefully simple and give anyone the directions that are searching for.

Some simple steps to adding a Sip phone to Connect:

  • Enable sip resources on a local switch
  • Creating or modifying a system user and giving them a sip password...this is a 6 digit password
  • Adding your values to your sip phone.
  • Confirm the sip device in director

In my example i will use the following data
  • Extension 3005
  • My local switch with sip proxies will be
  • The Polycom sip phone will have a local ip of

Configuring My User And Sip Password (ext 3005):

Sip Shore User.JPG

Assigning My Sip Resources to My Switch In Connect (

swich resources.JPG

Designate My Proxy For My Site To Use (

site sip.JPG

Configuring Your Sip Device With The Required Information (

Polycom Sip settings.jpg

Quick And Simple Video Of The Whole Process