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  • No 911 from a DVM with PRI

    I have a second PRI setup on a DVM. When I set the the user group to only dial from that trunk group, regular calls are completed without problems. When I dial 911 I get a Reorder tone and the event log says "no trunks available to route to 5911. 911 is enabled for the trunk group.

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    Is the backup at a remote site or at the main server location? What do you have sent up at the site level?


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      trunk security?


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        Does the trunk group that the PRI is in have 911 checked?

        Kind of odd that the error message read "no trunks to route 5911"..

        ..are you prepending a 5 on any of your trunk groups?


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          The backup DVM is at a remote site. I thought it was odd also that I get the error. I do know that in the event of a PRI down or network outage and the only backup line at the site is used, I will get the error of trunks unavailable to route to 5xxxxxxx (x being the number dialed). Unfortunatly if one PRI goes down and someone needs to dial 911 from that DVM, it won't work.