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  • Escalation Functionality - Mailbox only license

    Trying to setup a pretty basic escalation profile that sends an email to five email addresses whenever a voicemail is received. This is on a mailbox-only licensed extension.
    Doesn't seem to work at all. None of the 5 recipients receive the email notification.
    However, if I go and configure the same escalation profile on an 'Extension & Mailbox' licensed extension, all 5 people receive the email.
    Anyone know why a 'Mailbox Only' licensed extension would not behave the escalation profile attached to it? The User Group and all the permissions-related settings are the same as the 'Extension & Mailbox' licensed extension just so I have apples-to-apples.

    Any thoughts?


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    Just in case anyone else ever experiences the same problem:
    Turns out that mailbox-only extensions have the 'Message Notification' checkbox UNCHECKED by default. The checkbox is in the config settings for the various call handling modes.