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  • Terminal Server Outlook Integration

    We have a client who is running ShoreTel 7 and we recently set up a Windows terminal server for them. I followed the instructions for installing PCM on terminal server in the PIG and call manager seems to work right, but it's the Outlook integration that is giving us problems. The users are all on roaming profiles and basically when the user sends a message in Outlook it never sends because the ShoreTel account fails on send/receive. I uninstaller Outlook integration and they can send and receive mail just like normal.

    Any ideas?

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    Is "Shoreline Voice Mail Transport" the first Delivery service under Services?

    Is it a resolve issue or can you not send any emails period? What happens if you type in an email address manually?


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      I'm not sure I understand where you're talking about looking for services. In the user profile, there is an exchange account which is the default and then there's the ShoreWare Voicemail MAPI entry. When I send a message, either from the contacts or by typing in an address manually, it fails with an unknown error and it's due to the ShoreWare Voicemail MAPI service. If I remove the ShoreWare voicemail MAPI service (in outlook tools, account settings, click on ShoreWare Voicemail and then click remove) I am able to send mail as normal.


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        I guess I'm clueless to what the issue may be. Have you tried uninstalling everything then re-installing to see if perhaps there was an issue with Outlook and/or ShoreTel install.

        What version of Outlook are you using?