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  • Problem with Call handling mode

    Hi all I am having a problem with a user where the phone is stuck in the out of office setting in the call handling mode. when I try to change it from the Shoretel server from out of office to standard and save it I get error can not save user: this search key was not found in any record. Please help....

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    I am having the same problem, for all users. No one can change calling handling manually. It can be control from the within the system or Outlook integration. The option 2 on the system are totalling missing from the server. Any help please....


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      Can not change Call Handling Mode at All

      I am having a similiar problem in version 8.1 after upgrading director server to a new box, I can not change the Call Handling Mode via, director, the phone, call manager, but everything else works and It goes thru the motions that the Call Handling Mode has changed, but until you reboot the director server nothing happens. After rebooting the director server, it seems to take on the last Call Handling mode specified, and then you can not change it again. Does anyone have any ideas?? I double checked Outlook Calendar integration and it is turned off...


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        Possible solution

        Hey ya, I just worked with our ShoreTel partner and it was a registry setting for us. I will get the path to you tomorrow for the registry setting on the ShoreTel Director server. The IP address assiciated with the director server was incorrect. In our case it was pointing to the loop back adaptor of instead of our static IP that we assigned. I don't know for sure if you will help you two, but maybe something to check??